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My new standalone, Those You Trust, is out on 25th November!

A brief summary for you:

Those You Trust is about love, trust and betrayal. It is set in Crete, in the village of Kissamos in the far north-west of the island, where the rule of law is less well-defined than it might be in the cities. Passions run deep, and when Anna Georgiou inherits a house from a grandmother she can’t remember, she unlooses a family feud that has festered for forty years, puts herself in the path of danger and risks losing everything to put an end to it.

The novel was inspired by holidays to Crete in 2017 and 2018 where I began to learn a little about the culture and history of the people, and a story began to form.

For those of you who may have been expecting another police novel featuring Dan Hellier – sorry! This is a place he would love to go on holiday, though, and he is currently having a long sabbatical while I investigate some other themes.

Great fun in Exeter at WH Smiths. Book signing for Death and the Good Son!