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Death on Dartmoor

Just how far are people prepared to go to get what they want?

Life is good for DI Dan Hellier until the discovery of two headless, handless bodies buried in a bog on Dartmoor. But how can he identify the victims when nobody has reported them missing?

The tension mounts when the death of a young man plunges Hellier into the murky world of the Garrett family. Could the peaceful, family-run Animal Rescue Centre really be a cover for murder and other criminal activity?


What the readers are saying

D.I. Dan Hellier, great read
Loved the fast action and the unfolding of the story. Mix that with a pretty accurate tour around the stomping grounds of my youth, for me, the best read of the year so far.
Amazon reader June 2018

This series gets better and better
Happy Publication Day! This is book number two in the west country crime mystery series. Better read in order like all series’s but does read okay as a standalone with a few references to the previous book.

This series is just getting better and better. I loved this one more than the first. Good to be back with the team and familiar characters. I was hooked from the start until the end. A real page turner that I lost myself in.
Amazon reader June 2018

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