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Death on the Coast

One for the cleansing, one for the power, one for the purification

Can DCI Dan Hellier decipher the twisted mind behind the ritualised burning of homeless men on Devon’s beaches before more people are sacrificed?

When images from the burning appear all over social media, Hellier realises that he is dealing with the cult of the ‘Fire Goddess’, a mystery that will lead him back to the Irish Troubles and into the bitter mind of a man who has plotted revenge for more than twenty years without a care for the lives he will destroy.



What the readers are saying

A Terrific West Country Police Procedural!
I whizzed through this story and although the title suggests cozy mystery, this is a much darker and more realistic police procedural. It’s got everything I love in a good thriller; a great cast of people with their own issues to contend with, interesting plot twists (despite knowing who is responsible all the way through the book) and enough intriguing goings on to keep me reading long well into the night until I finished it! Bernie Steadman is on fire with this book! I must keep up with Bernie’s work from now on!
Amazon reviewer

A Very Decent Police Procedural!
This is a good crime read; enough clues to make you wonder but not overly so – plenty of room for doubt and speculation. The investigating squad are a good mix of characters, well explained and drawn from across the spectrum. Dan Hellier comes across as an ordinary guy, full of doubts and dealing with stuff outside his job as well as keeping an eye on all those under his command. It’s a series I would like to read more of and was dismayed at the mention of this being the final novel.
Amazon Reviewer

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