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Book 3 here we come!

17th November 2016 | By | No Comments

So, I have not been posting blogs recently. In fact I have not been writing recently. I passed over the completed book 2, Death and The Good Son, to Bloodhound for editing and formatting, and have enjoyed helping to choose the cover, write the blurb, add acknowledgements. All exciting writing-related activities. It’s been a proper, ‘re-charge the creative batteries break’, with only an occasional poem or short story to produce for Writing Group purposes. It’s been great to just relax, see friends, go on holiday, bake cakes… Until now. Yes, the itch of writing is still there, and this morning, it came back and demanded to be scratched.

Research for Book 3 of the Dan Hellier series is underway. I’m giving serious thought to what might happen in Dan’s life – will it become more serious with the lovely Claire, or will his job drive them apart? How will his junkie sister adjust to life on the outside this time, and will his loyalties be torn between his sister and his duty? On his next case, why are people being burned in bonfires?

Yes, it’s not going to be an easy ride for Dan this time…

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