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Waving Goodbye

11th October 2016 | By | No Comments

That’s it. I have sent off my final draft of Book 2 in the DI Dan Hellier series to the publishers. The baby bird has flown the nest. I can’t do anything now except wait for final amendments and look forward to choosing a cover from the ideas they will send.
In truth, it feels a bit odd to say ‘I have finished my book’, because I never really do. Even this afternoon I was changing sentences, making them shorter and sharper as I was getting ready to send it off. Faffing about. I could do it forever. Doing anything to avoid pressing ‘send’ and accepting that this book, slaved over for so many months, is going out in December, ready or not.
Of course, I’m ridiculously excited about seeing it in print, and hoping all my lovely readers will commit to another book in the series, just to see how Dan solves his next mystery involving bodies in the bog and a tragic drugs overdose.
When my first novel was published, it felt like such a momentous occasion. Not everybody gets the opportunity to complete and publish their own work, and I made the most of it. I ordered lots of paperbacks, booked a room with food and bubbles for the launch, had a wonderful afternoon and sold all the books I had bought. This time, second book in… should I do the same again? Or could I just e mail people the publication date?
The temptation to do a launch is very strong… What do you think? Should an author celebrate every book she launches, or be a bit cool and get straight on with the next, after a few posts on FB and Twitter?




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