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And Breathe

27th August 2016 | By | No Comments

There is a peculiar moment between finishing a novel and waiting for it to be returned full of the changes and edits I will need to make in order for it to be enjoyed.  I’m suddenly free of the necessity to produce a couple of thousand words a day. The story has matured and gone through major changes and some re-writing over the last few months. And now, for a few short weeks, I can do nothing.

It’s liberating, this sense of achievement. The editor at Bloodhound will beaver away while I enjoy the last few weeks of summer and think about Book 3. The role of editor, of any critical reader is vital in the production of a novel, which, of course, is about far more than writing a good yarn. Without that detached view, connections which may seem obvious to me, having lived with the characters for so many months, may not be clear to first-time readers. Also writing at speed can mean the repetition of phrases and words which will jar with a reader, whereas to me they are second nature and I don’t see them. Sometimes the flow of the story is impeded by too much back story. Sometimes I like a new character and go off on a tangent writing a scene especially for them, that then has to come out. This time I took out a whole character. I’ve saved her for a future book but she just wasn’t needed in this one. I shall continue to worry about correct police procedure until it’s published, then I stop caring whether it’s correct or not. Poetic licence rules…

So, once I have it back and do the required edits, I am hopeful that Book 2 in the Dan Hellier detective series will be out in the Autumn.

Meanwhile I shall be trawling the agents’ lists looking for representation for my YA thriller and plotting Book 3…




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