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(Virgin) Birth of a Website

2nd January 2016 | By | 2 Comments

This Christmas I did not celebrate just the one virgin birth. Some people may well believe that computers and their inner workings are about binary code and bits. About logic and reason. Hmmm. Everyone else would argue that computers are awkward, touchy, temperamental and most likely to throw a 500 Error server message tantrum at us for NO REASON AT ALL.

Anyway, calm, calm. I pottered onto WordPress full of hope and optimism (mince pies and prosecco may have also figured). First I visited the websites of writers I like and stole their best ideas for pages and headings. I love Val McDermid’s chatty, friendly style, and Ian Rankin’s focus on readings and excerpts from his latest books, and Stuart MacBride’s humour – all good stuff which I will steal without shame. (Yes, I have a fetish for Tartan noir- doesn’t everyone?)

I picked a template and set about finding a photo, choosing what should go in the boxes, writing a longer bio than normal. I was, actually, quite enjoying myself, until several hours later I hit the low ceiling that is the height of my ignorance and had to bring in Paul, the IT nerd, nephew. All I wanted to do was link my Twitter feed to the page. No problem getting it from twitter, but no linky on the pagey. I passed control over to Paul. Not only did he link twitter, he did Goodreads, Google+; you name it, he grabbed it. Then he eliminated all the weird things that seem to just live on the site. That night, another glass of Prosecco in hand, all was well with the world.

So…. Today, all the work we did yesterday had gone. Gone. And I couldn’t get in to see what had happened. Server error 500 message. (Insert teeth gnashing and swearing and a treacherous tear) Luckily ipage, who host the site, have an excellent live chat problem page. And guess what? Not WordPress, not me (who knew that was going to be the case?) And definitely not Paul, no, I just hadn’t been allocated enough memory by ipage. Them. Not me. Hah! They gave me more memory, and I’m in! Still got to do all the stuff from yesterday though, which will have to wait.

Meanwhile, be patient, it’s up! A website has been birthed. It wasn’t easy, but mother and baby are doing well. Have a look round, email me with any comments or suggestions, and I’ll have all the obvious links up and running soon as. Soon as I can get Paul to help me again…


  1. Tony Southgate

    Not just a website is born…a star too. Love the webpage nearly as good as the books

    • BASteadman

      Thank you! Much appreciated.

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